Disability, Development and Diversity Project

New Ways of Looking at Disability Across the Curriculum Raising Awareness: A Toolkit for All Middle Years Educators 

About the Project

The Canadian Centre on Disability Studies (CCDS) has carried out a project called “Disability, Development and Diversity: People with Disabilities in Canada and Around the World”. The aim of the project is to increase the knowledge of middle school students on the issues facing people with disabilities, with the hope of encouraging positive changes in perceptions and attitudes toward disability. We are able to carry out this project with the generous financial support of the Canadian International Development Agency.

With the advice and direction of representatives and teachers from one Manitoba school division and one Saskatchewan school division, university professors, and representatives from the education departments in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, CCDS has developed a Teaching Toolkit for middle years educators, called “New Ways of Looking at Disability Across the Curriculum”.

Note: This Toolkit is designed for ALL teachers and ALL classrooms. This is NOT a special education resource.

The Toolkit has four important focuses about issues facing people with disabilities:

1. The language of disability

2. Different ways of looking at and understanding disability

3. Disability around the world

4. Disability in the media

The Toolkit and resources are available by clicking the links below:


Disability, Development and Diversity Video

Additional Resources

Project Acknowledgments

Global Classrooms Brochure